Home 三种ruby论坛的比较( comparasion for 3 ruby forums )

三种ruby论坛的比较( comparasion for 3 ruby forums )

最近在考虑是不是要做个论坛,因为有好几个项目需要。但是动手之前,还是先看看有没有现成的轮子。 论坛按理说应该是最常见的应用。比如大名鼎鼎的 JIVE (JAVA 论坛),那性能叫一个惊人(使用了各种cache 等优化) 。( I need a forum application for my projects, but before writing my own, I plan to seek for an open sourced Ruby forum which should be very commonly used application and many candidates. Recall the year 2006, when I first time dive into the open source project, the famous JIVE (java forum) impressed me by its extremely high performance )

google了一下, 找到三个开源的RUBY论坛: ( http://www.quora.com/What-is-the-most-mature-forum-software-built-in-Ruby-on-Rails)

1. beast (Rails 2.3.x ),  altered beast (Rails3.x ) ( https://github.com/stiff/altered_beast )

2. forem (Rails3 ), 据说是最好的Ruby 论坛 (said to be the best one)

3. rborad. 据说也不错。(sounds good)


Beast Looking
altered Beast 是一个独立的forum. 如果你不用跟其他系统相结合,那么就用它吧!  它有现成的皮肤,看起来似乎不错。不过不知道以后改版的话是否很麻烦。 ( altered beast is a standalone system . It's really a good choice if you don't need it to be a "plugin" or something similar and integrate it to existing system. It has its own outlooking&skin. ) 

缺点:一年没更新了。( not updated in this year)

2.  forem. 非常棒,各种插件都是最流行最新颖的。作者也是个RUBY大牛。这个系统是一个插件,需要跟现有的系统进行集成,而且做成了一个GEM的形式。如果你没有现成的系统的话,就用不了。看你的需求了。 另外,前台的皮肤被剥离出来,做为一个独立的gem。如果你需要一个论坛插件,集成到现有系统当中,而且定制页面,那么forem是你的第一选择。 ( forem is awesome, it uses many of the cool and fancy, popular gems. the author is a top Ruby programmer.  Forem is not a standalone application, but a rubygem, which need to be used as a plugin/module for existing system. and its outlooking is highly customizable/flexible.  If you want your existing application have forum supported and the outlooking customized, then Forem is your first choice! )

3. rboard:  它的代码已经看不到了。官方站点只有一句话:rBoard曾经是非常棒的RUBY论坛,但是现在它被 Forem 取代了。 看起来很苍凉啊。( its source code is gone, there's only 1 README file left, saying:  rboard was once a kick-ass forum, but now replaced by Forem... )

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